December 30, 2016

Building and configuring the WhiteFox keyboard

Weakness got the best of me, and I purchased the WhiteFox keyboard kit from Massdrop. Ever since I built my ErgoDox Infinity and played around with the TMK firmware to customize it, I've always wanted another fully-programmable 60% board like the GH60 or GMK Infinity. Up to this point, I have settled for the significantly less expensive and less customizable Pok3r, and found some minor annoyances around remapping function keys enough to warrant the purchase. Read more

September 14, 2015

Keyboards and how they work: The hardware inside your keyboard and the microcontroller

In this post I intend to explain what is going on inside your keyboard, from the switches all the way to the operating system, where the data terminates. I hope to go into some detail about how custom controllers like Soarer's convertor and controller, HaaTa's KiiboHD and TMK (among others) work to communicate keypresses to your operating system through the USB-HID subsystem. Keyboard Switches Keyboard switches are a contentious and seemingly deep topic of discussion. Read more